#Datactic2: networks, data, action! to open the debate about the #EP2014 and the #TTIP

The project '#Datactic: networks, data, action!' (Cooperate, to work with others to the same end) is organized by NGO professionals, data analysts and visualization, networking experts, activists, journalists, communicators ... We will organize on May 22nd in Madrid an Barcelona an activity to share knowledge and to take action through the network in order to disseminate and open the debate about the European Elections and the #TTIP.

A day of teamwork and dissemination of the latest developments in social network analysis, which will show, among other things, campaigns assessment tools, keys to creating a successful social media strategy and how it is diagnosed and perceives the issue of European elections in the digital environment.

In addition, they will conduct a network action, monitoring its impact in real time, and redefining the strategy so that our messages have an European impact.

If you consider yourself an involved and committed person socially and also love the world of information and networks, join them! Sign up NOW! here http://www.slideshare.net/DaTactic/datactic2-22-de-mayo-madrid-bcn

Day training and action. Madrid/Barcelona. More info > http://www.slideshare.net/DaTactic/datactic2-22-de-mayo-madrid-bcn
Thanks for your time and participation!